I'm Ashley!

You may be wondering….what exactly is ‘Sacred Sparkle’?  Let me explain…..I’m a West Texas-born girl (with a 7- year jaunt through Alabama! Southern roots run deep, y’all!) and because of, or maybe in spite of, being raised on Hee Haw &  Jimmy Swaggart, I am a little bit Holy Roller and a whole lotta REAL!  You see, this is Sacred Sparkle….every perfect and not-so-perfect part of you and me that become our ‘secret sauce’! 

Welcome Home…to the place you are allowed to discover the ABUNDANT and AUTHENTIC YOU…the one who flows effortlessly knowing exactly Who and Who’s You Are!

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Through AFT & coaching, Ashley helped reveal things from my past that were holding me back from discovering my purpose in life. The negative voices that were creating fear & anxiety are silenced with affirmations of who God has created me to be.

-Lori S., Canyon, TX


Wow! What a great time we had with Ashley…learning from her about social media.  She knows how to help you share your message on social media.  She is doing it so well herself.  The best part of what Ashley does is that she sees the greatness in you and helps you to share the unique gift of YOU!
-Martha R, The Woodlands, TX

Thank you Ashley!!! I feel so light right now! THANK YOU for what you do and do so well!!!  Also, I wanted to share with you what came up within 2 mins of completing our session. I heard this so vividly as what has been holding me back  “If I stay right where I am and don’t move (or go forward) I won’t potentially disappoint someone OR fail. Such an eye opener….like I really get it now…. not just “this is silly you need to more forward or you need to do this or that”.     Praise God!!!

-Lynette F., Lafayette, LA

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