It's Nice to Meet you!
Now to Introduce Myself...

I'm Ashley...aka Sparkle Mama

I was born and raised in the Texas Panhandle- the rattlesnake-infested, flat as a pancake, and dry as a sun-parched piece of sandpaper part of the state. My family, as well as my husband, Matt’s, have been here for many generations. We are both from a long line of farmers and ranchers and we couldn’t be more proud of our heritage. It’s made us strong, committed to the finish, and able to weather whatever comes our way!

We have three amazing and unique boys -full of life, character, and fun- and I plunged headlong into raising them to the best of my ability. Motherhood is one of the most amazing callings but in the back of your mind– you know it’s your job to send your chicks flying out of the nest one day… what of developing your passion and calling? 

I have been on an amazing journey to discover how to scratch the itch to discover ALL that I have been plopped on this planet to fulfill!  



When it comes to pursuing something that lights your heart on fire, have you ever wondered…..

*Is this selfish?
*Am I being too ambitious?
*Who am I to think I am worth investing resources into to discover and become more than a wife and mom?
*What is wrong with me that marriage and motherhood isn’t enough to satisfy my deep longing to impact humanity?

If you’ve ever wondered any of the things, you’re in the right place.  

If we were face to face sipping coffee (or a Chilton with extra lemon!), I’d tell you straight up…….

GIRL!  I’m telling you right now….are you listening without that sweet heart of yours?  

Your message and your story MATTER…..they are your Sacred Sparkle…and this world needs the LIGHT you have to SHARE from the authentic YOU.  

The Word says that Jesus came that would ‘have life and life more abundant’…..I am PASSIONATE about helping heart-led entrepreneurs design a home, business, and life of abundance that you LOVE.  

Maybe it’s time to Share your Sacred Sparkle.


Are you in your Grace Flow?  

For many years, I didn’t understand that there exists a place within your heart where you can flow from rest, peace, and your identity as the Christ’s Beloved.  Your Grace Flow is unique and when you step into ‘clearing the space’ of your heart…sweet yet powerful surrender…oddly, it leads you into a flow and an alignment  where the original YOU can effortlessly and painlessly come into being!

I am so grateful to lead other women to that leap of faith past your comfort zone (have you seen Moana? YEP…that’s the hero’s journey available to you!) to turn your passions into a platform to encourage and guide others.

I am so grateful to live everyday empowering brilliant women who are ready to awaken to their inner Wonder Woman.  It’s your time to design a Home, Business, and Life you LOVE!

Discovering your Grace Flow in Jesus is the greatest example  of ‘life and life more abundant’ (John 10:10 that a mom can give her children!

I’d love to share with you why I am so passionate about these strategies that help women like you–women of faith who are ready to make the leap past dry religion– and discover the Grace Flow that leads to peace, confidence, and impact (and income, too!). You can apply for a  30-minute, complimentary, 1:1 Breakthrough  Session with me here!

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