Do You Know Your Own Worth?

In mentoring women, every issue we experience is rooted in an identity issue that causes us to question our worth. 

A basic truth that most of us don’t believe in our hearts is that we are innately valued, treasured, and priceless.


Through programming, experience, and modeling, we pick up some pretty hefty lies concerning our value and that God’s opinion is swayed by our “doing” rather than our “being” (major deep principle that sends a lot of signals off in our brain/ego that it is near to impossible to believe someone would love us for no other reason than the fact that we exist!)

When you break some things down in Psalm 139, God knew you before you were formed in your mother’s womb.

You were a thought and an intention before you showed up on this planet.

Could you be dreamed by God, intended by a Creator, and not be valued!? 

Think of something you have dreamed of before you created it (a meal, a gift for someone, a work of art)…..and when it came into being, where did it’s value to you come from?

It didn’t have to “do” anything to be valued… was simply being an extension of you and therefore it brought joy!! 

How amazing is that?

When we get our value and identity twisted up, we will live a life

✅ always seeking approval (people pleaser)

✅unfulfilled when we don’t find it (fussy and critical of ourselves and others)

✅on a roller coaster of emotions trying to define ourselves based on external factors (emotional basketcase, unpredictable, depressed, anxious)

Contemplate your value and identity as a treasured work of art by the Master Artist. 

Ponder it in your heart.

It may raise up some lies but that’s ok…..focusing on the truth will eventually and always displace the lies…..our problems arise when we lose sight of the Truth and stop pondering it in our hearts. Then we can sometimes believe that the truth “isn’t really true” and “doesn’t work” because we went up to our mind/ego (the place in all of us that insists on poking holes in truth and being right) to make it “true”.

And why do we need to up our own value? 

☝🏼God commands us to “guard our hearts” (set boundaries and go about the task of aligning all of our beliefs with Zoe life- a life reflecting the One who gives it- God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit) and that responsibility falls on no one but ourselves. That is good news! It is up to us and no one else can do this job.

I used to have a knack for handing this over to anyone besides myself.
If a man or woman of God said or did it, then that was as good as God to me. I didn’t have the capacity to value my own connection to God and that I could hear from Him for myself as much an anyone else.

Yes, I had to invest time, training, and energy into my growth process to learn to hear the voice of God….but I did it and the journey has been a BLAST!

✌🏻So we can extend the same level of value to others from a deep place of knowing……we are all called to change and impact the hearts of others. If we are set free, we are obligated to set someone else free, too!

It changes your life and it will change the world. 


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