The Magical Journey to Freedom

Going from a fear-based life to faith-based freedom is a journey that takes time and courage. 

While remaining scared and small can feel comfortable, taking hold of strength and determination opens our hearts to a measure of God’s goodness we’ve never noticed before.

This journey from fear to faith is one I’m quite acquainted with and leading others into it is why I exist on the planet 💖 (I didn’t always know why I existed- reach out if you are struggling with that!)

I had a huge a-ha moment as I recalled a childhood trauma that happened early in my school experience and compared it with a very painful experience in my adulthood.

I’m not one to ponder on triggers for long because I have tools and strategies to heal those….

But what surprised me, even with all of the heart work I’ve committed myself to, was when I recalled these two events, my body felt them both on a cellular level!

JUST RE-membering these events in light of their similarities (two different times I allowed a woman in “authority” to shame me and take my dignity) brought about a literal fight or flight, frozen in fear, heart racing in total embarrassment, cortisol feeling in my cells AGAIN.

I was conscious of it this time and it was so easy to let the light of Jesus’ love, forgiveness and redemption shine on them both- the situations and the people who abused my heart. 

I’m so grateful for His glorious light when we seek and allow it to shine into the darkest places.

I’ll tell these stories soon when I start in-person workshops (SO close to announcing a date and location!) but until then….

If pain, sadness, or wounds have you feeling fragmented and scattered and that YOU have flown the coop and are in pieces upon the 4 winds…..

We call YOU in from the north, south, east and west and RE-member YOU… hand-chiseled, perfectly pieced with specific gifts, talents, and sensitivities and MASTER-PIECED by a Creator who adored YOU from the moment you were a thought in His heart!

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