The One Key That Unlocked EVERYTHING For Me……

I’m am a free-flow kinda chic.

Does it seem like everything about each of us can be a double-edged sword? 😂

Being a free-flow-er means fun and easy-going but it can come across as a little flaky and easily distracted.

My kids (usually) love it when we decide “hey, let’s get real classy and go eat sushi at Sam’s Club at 730pm on a Friday night!” 💃🏻🕺🏼🍥

(Does it even matter that they close at 830 and we live 20 minutes away? NO! IT DOES NOT MATTER, you Debbie Downers who are getting anxious just reading this! Once you’re in, they will let you eat!😉😂😘)

Not so great when we haven’t planned a THING for an upcoming birthday or wrapped a Christmas present on December 22 or cleaned out the fridge in a good 7 months. (We are not nasty people but I’ve never boasted that you could eat off of my floors…..I wouldn’t even suggest the 5-second rule at my house🐶🐱 and lots of male humans…JS) 

But when it comes to a spiritual practice, I am pretty much like my one kid who gets annoyed when he can’t be EARLY for youth group🙄 (is that even a thing? EARLY? For YOUTH GROUP? Stop it!) 

(We’ve chosen to exit the traditional church structure for a home community that doesn’t even meet weekly🤣 we honor our kid’s desire for community and we love the influence of his youth pastor! Three cheers-🎉HIP🎉HIP🎉HOORAY🎉- for the people who do the messy and lead kids who confess their darkest secrets and give their hearts to Jesus…..errrrrrr Wednesday😂😂

I remember. Matt and I did youth ministry for a *SHORT* time and Jesus bless the children. It was CRAY)

Anywhos…….I wanna know because for such a very long time, my spiritual practice included hoping God would hear my prayers and thanking Him for the difficulties because He must be teaching me some things that I lack…..

And then I was introduced to biblical meditation and spiritual connection like I’d never known with a God I grew up thinking I knew but never truly experienced outside of ‘doing good’ for approval! (SIDE NOTE: changing my views of who God REALLY is also had a major impact on my experience! I teach this in my workshops and courses) 


Changing my views of who God REALLY is also had a major impact on my experience

You see, we all meditate/ponder/rehearse over and over on SOMETHING. Usually it’s the negatives and the fears. Stop and pay attention to what you wake up thinking about! 

I started a practice of simmering my sympathetic nervous system down (simmah down now!) with deep breathing and then learning how to write the Word upon my heart, and as a result, EVERYTHING has changed. 

I’m super passionate about helping women develop authentic spiritual practices and strategies in order to really grasp the practical principles of a God who loves each of us SO extravagantly. 

Is that something you’d like to learn more about?  
(I can also teach you how to be one crazy fun parent if you want that but I’d not recommend myself if you need more structure or help with a daily cleaning schedule😝!😂)

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    1. Touche’ my dearest friend and sojourner!! Love you big and so thankful for you in this season of life. I’m blessed because you decided to show up with your whole heart for those God has ordained for you to carry His light to!!!

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