The Promised Land is Calling…

I’ll never forget a crossroad I came to in my life.

August 2017.

Where I was at that time is not a lovely picture to paint but I’ll give you a little glimpse. Kinda like when I peek around the door to get my Amazon deliveries when I haven’t brushed my hair and I look straight outta a ‘People of Walmart’ post! Halloween Moment for the poor UPS driver! HA! Here’s your glimpse at the mess behind the door….


I was literally so disillusioned with faith, my purpose, God, and wondering why in the world was anything worth pursuing?

I could feel that my heart was overgrown with the weeds of sadness, bitterness, anger, grief, shame, and pain. Internally, I was a swirl of confusion meanwhile {mostly} holding it together externally.

If you feel any of this right now, let me give some hope….this was the moment I had actually been waiting for. For years! I was unraveling! And taking off grave clothes never felt so good.

I have known God for almost my whole life. I was raised in church so I somehow picked up a lie that pervades Western culture……gotta get my checklist of ‘Do Goods’ filled and then God will bless me. If I was good enough, paid my tithes, served on welcome committees, and showed up every Sunday, I’d be living the good life!! (GAG ME NOW!)

NEVER did I realize this one thing…..God loves me and wants my whole heart, not my Do Goods…..God also gave me charge to ‘guard my heart’ and let’s just say the weeds of sadness and bitterness had run amuck long enough and I had some gardening to do…..but HOW????

Are you willing to step into the pain of transformation (trust me when I say those old Egyptian mindsets, wounds, and experiences are deep in our hearts!) to leave the pain of dysfunction?

Staying in the energy and power of pain or pretending not to see where our choices have taken us has its benefits….for the time being. 

We can blame others or God from that place.

What does truly owning our junk mean??? 

It means womaning up, saying “I may not have caused this pain but I’ll answer for it and see that it’s sent packing!” 

Repent simply means to change one’s mind. It doesn’t mean going up in front of everyone or to a priest to air your 💩.

It’s a BEAUTIFUL process of starting to see ourselves as we actually are….made in God’s image! 

We were created to be pain-averse and pleasure-seeking yet many of us stay in pain on the daily and don’t even realize until we have a frustration, a health issue, or an anger explosion.

For so very long, I allowed the wounds from others to limit my capacity for greatness. WTH!?!! Why did I ever give that power over to ANYONE?

I literally paid a coach THOUSANDS of dollars to eventually tell me everything I lacked. She raked me over the coals (doesn’t matter why she did it, I release myself from judging her motives) but do you know I gave her so much power that I allowed her to WRECK ME and shred me to pieces!? (Apparently the coaching I paid thousands for wasn’t all that great if I was that lacking after almost 2 years! Haha! HELLOOOOO!) 

I let what she told me mean more than God’s words about me!!!! 

That was 100% MY FAULT and I had to take full responsibility for the pain that I allowed another human to cause.

And let me tell you……we’ve all had some STUFF. No denying it’s hard stuff, too. 

Girl, your stuff might be bad but someone needs to see you overcome with peace, joy, and dignity.

Let’s leave Egypt together…..Canaan is calling

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  1. Oh how easy it is to give our power away!! Stepping up and taking responsibility for ME when others have caused so much hurt (intentionally or not) takes so much courage. But the key is definitely knowing what God says about me and KNOWING that His word is truth! One of my favorite songs I listen to that reminds me of who I am in Christ is MY DESTINY by Dennis Jernigan. You tube it or just find the lyrics. I have come a long way but still have a BIG step to take…..just can’t figure out why I am holding back. Egypt is familiar.

    1. I am so sad that I’m just now seeing this. Your words are so very true and bless my heart so much. I will definitely check Dennis’ song out!!!! Love to you!! You’re amazing!!!!!

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