What to Do in This Current Climate of Fear

Do some days make you want to crawl under the covers and stay in bed? I don’t watch the news much because it literally takes our brains and hearts into the fearful emotions and mindsets of the story they are reporting. (Our subconscious does not know the difference between news stories and real life so watch with caution!)

You see, whether we realize it or not, we all meditate, ponder, and ruminate on something.

The biggest threat to our wellness is meditating and holding fear in our hearts but I’ve found some answers in my own seasons of fear and doubt. As a Believer in Jesus, I have found that some of the most fearful people are my fellow believers. This should not be but where are we missing the mark in experiencing the peace that passes understanding???

Let me tell you the story……

I did not always do this and it’s a practice that has taken some time for me to grow into. I found myself approaching my health from a symptom-based, physical standpoint.  I was raised in a very conservative, Christian environment (I even attended private parochial high school!) but I found myself in a place where I was experiencing NONE of what I had learned about in the Bible.

I probably subconsciously put God on trial that His promises were a bunch of hopes and wishes that I grasped at like clouds but more than anything, I believed there was something deeply wrong with me and the things I was ‘doing’ to see God’s promises come to pass in my life. (This is the DO DO Theory……do do do so God will bless bless bless. It’s total sh*t but it’s where I was.)

I had NO IDEA what ‘draw nigh to God and He will draw nigh to you’ could possibly mean. Obviously, I had to awaken to the fact that I wasn’t doing something right!! Either God was unfaithful or I was inept…..that’s where I was!

When it came to my health, for example, my go-to would be ‘what does the Dr say’ or ‘hmm, what is everyone else doing?’ or ‘the government says this’ or ‘my pastor said I should believe/do this’……

Side Note: NONE of these structures are purely out for your well-being. 

Sadly, this is hard for many to believe. We have to know where we are putting our trust. Any structure that needs our money to exist will have an agenda for it’s survival, right? (There are still well-meaning people in the systems but let’s be real, the systems aren’t purely out for your best life)

ENTER: an online discipleship program that taught me the power of biblical meditation. (I am SO grateful to Dr. Jim Richards and Heart Physics)

I am learning and finding effective answers when I approach my health, pains, and struggles from a spirit-led place of being led by the wisdom of the Holy Spirit and asking my CREATOR (just think of this as the one who has your original blueprints) to show me the way of health, healing, and wholeness specific to ME. 

I think people’s biggest fears with that are: 

1)We haven’t been taught to connect with the heart of God in our hearts (study the Greek and The Passion Translation of James 4:8). 

I was taught a more legalistic, study the bible, ask God for help (that He’s already provided through the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus), and DO DO DO (here it is again…The DO DO Theory! Yeah, it’s crap and it can get us out of whack when we try to ‘earn’ until we finally burnout. EARN AND BURN?! NO THANK YOU! I finally KNOW that I am loved by God because I am in JESUS. Whole other post….or workshop….or 12 day class….lol!) 

2) We don’t trust that they are hearing God’s voice clearly. (I’m working on a workshop to support and teach that! NO HUMAN is my connection or voice to hear God. I only use human ‘words’ as a confirmation to what I hear God says in my heart.)

SO when I connect in my heart with my identity as The BELOVED of Christ and I am persuaded that God gives LIFE….I can make decisions and draw LITERAL resources to me (why do we worry if the birds of the air and the flowers of the fields are dressed in beauty?) simply because I am God’s girl!


I am now walking this practice out in my health, finances, relationships, daily decisions, and it is such a peaceful place to live.

We all have our places where we can easily go into stress or fear or DO DO Mode but we can work it out the next day because His mercies, faithfulness, compassions, tender love (the Hebrew word for ‘compassions’ is ‘racham’ which means love and compassion connected to the womb!!! WOW! He literally loves us like a mother loves the baby in her womb!) are new every day. 


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